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Arizona Business Index (ABI) - How Can it Help Me/My Business?

The ABI provides robust data that breaks down over 2,000 demographic combinations ranging from suburban moms and millennials in the workforce to homeowners and renters. Information from the Index provides insight into public opinion regarding housing, automobile sales, the job market, the economy, and the personal credit card debt of Arizonans. An observer will be able to see when there is a shift in consumer sentiment and, in return, expect a change in economic activity. 

How can this impact your business? It provides information relevant to decisions about marketing, human resources, strategic planning, and so much more. The ABI also examines the individual’s current situation and future expectations for personal finances, business conditions, and buying confidence of major household items. The ABI is continually updated on a monthly and quarterly schedule, and additions to the standard questions can be tailored to the individual businesses that invest.  

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