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AZPOP Add-On Questions - What is it? How is it Valuable?

Though it is no longer an election year, voter opinions still matter. AZPOP has returned as a recurring public sentiment poll focusing on relevant issues that remind us that in a democracy, there is always another election. 

How does this benefit you? Organizations or individuals can add a customized question gaining access to top-tier research at a competitive price. When you add a question, you get: 

  • Trending Polling Data including top-issue, Presidential job approval, generic congressional ballot, and more… 
  • Crosstab/Topline Poll Reports  
  • Survey Summary  
  • Presentation Deck 
  • Expert Analysis on trending questions and your added questions 
  • Discover opportunities and understand how voter sentiment surrounding your questions

All questions are kept strictly confidential unless you expressly wish to have them released.  *Please note: If you choose to release your questions, we must disclose who commissioned the study. 

Want to add a question to our next AZPOP? Schedule a meeting with us here.

Need more information? Read more here, and here