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AZPOP – What is it? How is it Useful to Me or My Business?

Our AZ Public Opinion Pulse (AZPOP) serves statewide polls to 1,000 general population Arizonans with at least 600 registered voters included. Deploying bi-monthly surveys, we are able to ask specific questions that gauge perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and plans of Arizonans on the key issues driving Arizona’s corporate and political climates. For months before the historic 2020 Election, OHPI was in the field monitoring Arizona likely voters on their opinions. We asked questions ranging from whom they supported for the Arizona Senate seat to President Trump’s approval rating, with plenty of timely questions thrown in for good measure – COVID-19 concerns, top issues, feelings about Arizona’s general direction, etc. The AZPOP press releases, social media posts, and the dashboard we offered quickly caught the interest of the local, regional, and national media, as well as anyone interested in monitoring the opinions of Arizonans. As races grew more controversial and Arizona became recognized for its newly designated battleground status, the AZPOP polls proved to be a strong indicator of voter behavior. 

Ultimately, OHPI’s predictions became facts as we took a victory lap on behalf of our accuracy during a year when many polls missed the mark. 

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